Burning Questions

Who is Hubhouze?

HUBHOUZE is a one-stop shop renovation platform dedicated to homeowners looking to renovate their bathrooms. We design bathroom packages per style and budget, using top quality products from trustworthy and reliable UK manufacturers, installed to our customer’s home by our highly vetted network of contractors.  

Why Should I Choose Hubhouze?

We understand how daunting and challenging bathroom renovation is, so we founded HUBHOUZE with a simple idea: Provide every homeowner in the UK access to curated bathroom packages per style and budget, a streamlined process, a strict code of practise, a vetted network of bathroom fitters, and a dedicated customer service team to support you from design until installation.

Do you provide the installation?

Yes. We offer you with a full experience from design to installation which is carried out by our highly vetted network of contractors. But we can also work with your own builder if you have already appointed one.

What happens if anything goes wrong with my installation?

Since we provide a full renovation experience, we’ll be with you every step of the way, so in case if any goes awry, our customer success team will be able to support you, and you’re also covered by our indemnity insurance with Hiscox, which covers up to £1 Million.

What's the White Glove Delivery Service?

We arrange for all of your bathroom products to be delivered to you in a single shipment, on a day and time of your convenience, to the room of your choice, as well as removal of excess packaging of large items.

What is the installation package?

The Installation Package is your final project put together by a HUBHOUZE architect. It includes our recommended best installation practices, and all detailed notes that the builder requires to minimise errors. 

Can HUBHOUZE produce a variety of options for my bathroom renovation?

Yes. Most of our clients wish to alter their bathroom layout. We can offer multiple options, but these are subject to the existing plumbing configuration. We will guide you through this. 

How is HUBHOUZE different from traditional bathroom showrooms and retailers?

We provide you with a custom experience and a guarantee that only a personal architect can provide. 

- Better design, and use of space

- Strict code of installation best practices

- Dedicated Project Manager from Design to Implementation. 

- Access to our highly vetted contractors 

Would I be able to request custom made products?

Yes, we work with a host of suppliers capable of producing custom products. Please be aware that any bespoke product cannot be refunded in the event that you change your mind.

Are the products listed on your bathroom packages more expensive than other high street or online retailers?

No, our prices are similar to other online and high street retailers, if not lower. 

What kind of bathrooms do you design?

We can design any bathroom, of all sizes. From petit apartments to cloakrooms and multiple family bathrooms, commercial, hospitality, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, you name it. When it comes to bathrooms, there isn’t anything we couldn’t work with.

How long will my project take?

Ten days from in-home consultation to project sign off (subject to how fast you provide feedback), one week for product ordering. The installation ranges from three to five weeks depending on the project complexity. 

Which brands and suppliers do you use?

We work with UK and Europe bathroom suppliers providing warranties ranging from 5 to 20 years for your peace of mind.

How can I trust HUBHOUZE with my project?

Although we’re online, there’s a bunch of bathroom obsessed people behind the screen and you’ll be speaking with us directly from the moment you make an inquiry. We are an in-house team of architects and interior designers. We also have a Professional Indemnity Insurance with Hiscox covering up to £1M, so your project is in safe hands. 

Which areas does HUBHOUZE currently cover in terms of Implementation Service?

We currently cover London, and up to 15 miles outside London, but our products can be delivered to any address in the UK. 

Can I use the Implementation Service if I live outside your covered areas?

Yes, you send your own floor plans, photos and dimensions, and we’ll be able to design your bathroom. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept online transfers only.  

Do you offer finance?

Not yet, but sign up to our newsletter, stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as the Finance Service becomes available.

What is the redeemable design service?

We require a deposit to further develop your project once you agree to go ahead after the first presentation. This is a 10% deposit which is offset against your final invoice of materials.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

It's very easy - simply fill out the Complimentary Design Service Form and one of our bathroom consultants will contact you to arrange your in-home free consultation. 

What do you use my information for?

Our Account Managers review the bathroom project of your choice, your notes and briefing you’ve shared, and scope of work. Any information you share with us is safeguarded under our Privacy Policy. 

How should I prepare for your Bathroom Surveyor prior to the visit?

The survey is very straight forward so just make sure the bathroom(s) in question clear from clutter, so that accurate dimensions can be taken. 

I am booked in for a Complimentary Consultation, now what?

This is a technical visit - during the In-Home Consultation, our bathroom consultant will take detailed photographs and laser precise dimensions, run initial electrical and plumbing checks. This consultation takes around 20 minutes per bathroom (depending on the complexity of the drawings). All the information collected from your space will be briefed to our in-house Architects so that they can work on your project in detail. They will give you a quick call to go over the brief in detail, before working on your designs before they are presented to you.

How long does the Bathroom Consultation take?

One hour approximately. It can take longer depending on the number of bathrooms you have. 

Is the Redeemable Design Service refundable if I change my mind?

The Redeemable Design Service is non refundable if you change your mind - we’ll issue you a Credit Note valid for 6 months, where you can either resume your project or buy products. If you decide to resume your project after this period, a new Redeemable Design Service will be payable. 

What happens when my bathroom project begins?

It’s a collaborative process and completely customisable to what works best for you. Your bathroom consultant will liaise between you and in house architects, following our structured and streamlined design process to develop and complete your project according to your expectations.

How should I collaborate with the design team?

We believe communication is key and we want your collaboration to be as seamless as possible, and a “back and forth” with your Project Manager is completely normal.  Come up with a list of musts, maybes, and the more your Project Manager knows about your preferences, the more the Design Team can tailor the project to your taste. When giving feedback, the more specific you can be the better. Try to weigh out each decision individually and delve into what leads you to like or not like something (colour, form, texture or style). You may love the colour of a tile but maybe not the shape, and clearly expressing these things will make each iteration closer to your vision. We always recommend clients sit with a design for a couple of days so they can see if maybe certain options grow on them. Our role is to push boundaries, but ultimately it’s your home, so you decide.

Products & Warranties

Tell me about the brands you use?

We work with hundreds of the most trusted and reliable suppliers from the UK and Europe, offering services and warranties ranging from 5 to 30 and lifetime warranties.

Do you provide warranty on the products you specify in the projects?

All items specified in the projects are subject to the Warranty of each individual manufacturer, however, we remain your main point of contact between you and the manufacturer of your product through our continuous Customer Service, even after the completion of your project.  Simply send an email to customerservice@hubhouze.com with your questions or concerns, and we'll work closely with each of our suppliers to efficiently resolve any issues on your behalf in case something goes wrong. 

I have a problem

What if things move slowly?

We have a defined timeline where we expect the design phase to be completed in a maximum of ten days, but this is subject to your availability to take the design calls for presentation and feedback. But if you respond swiftly, your project should be done within a week from the moment we have all the information we need to get started. This applies for one bathroom, if you have more than one, your Project Manager will arrange a tailored project timeline to suit your needs. 

What if my bathroom project is different from what I expected?

That could happen but it’s very unlikely - we take a very detailed briefing so that we can design as close as possible to your requirements, but in case you want to make any changes to the projects before your build, you have two rounds of amends to make all the changes you may require.

What if the builder finds a problem which will impact the project installation?

In some cases some technical issues are only detected once the builder removes the existing bathroom. However, your Project Manager and Customer Service team will be at your disposal to assist you and the builder to make changes and alterations to the project and replace products when required.

If I have a problem with a bathroom fitter from the HUBHOUZE platform, who do I contact?

We'll virtually manage your project, but in case any problems arise with our builder, simply contact us and we'll work to resolve the issue. 


What delivery options are available?

For single product deliveries, we will use a courier service. The standard parcel service time scale is an estimated 2-7 working days. Depending on the availability of the item of your choice, we have the next day, day specific and Saturday option which you can choose at the time of placing your order (UK Mainland only).

Each item will be carefully checked for flows and damage, repacked and distributed to our courier from our warehouse.

What about the single white glove delivery?

Our white glove delivery service  removes all of the hurdles of managing your own deliveries in multiple shipments. Unpredictable kerbside deliveries are a common issue when renovating yourself. With HUBHOUZE your items will be delivered to you in one, handled by a specialist team who are expertly trained in this area. Selecting this option enables you to agree a suitable day for your delivery (from Monday - Friday). Your goods will be taken to the specific room of your choosing upon arrival. All boxes are removed from their pallet and excess delivery packaging & pallets are then removed - which means no more heavy lifting or unwanted delivery packaging. 

How much does the White Glove Service cost?

The delivery cost may vary depending on the size and number of items purchased. For full projects we offer the White Glove Single Service for a flat fee of £60 for London and Outside London. If your delivery address is more than 2 hours drive from London please contact us beforehand so we can quote the correct price.

Can all the items of my Shopping List be delivered on the same day?

Yes, this is our White Glove Single Service where we receive all your items from our suppliers, check for flaws, damages and organise a single in-home delivery in the day and time of your choice. 

How will I be notified of updates and shipping information for my Shopping List?

Our Customer Service Team will via email, keep you updated with the delivery progress of your items. 

I have specific delivery requirements. Can my requests be accommodated?

It depends on what your request is, the best way to find out is by speaking to our member of our team.

How long it will take to get my full order delivered?

Normally, most items are in stock and we aim to dispatch your entire shopping list within five working days, excluding custom items. In case any particular circumstance arises, we’ll coordinate and advise you before you place your order. Please make sure that you do not book any work to commence before you have all items in place to avoid any delays. We will not accept liability for any loss occurred by booking your building works to commence prior to having your items.

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

What if something goes wrong with one or more products from my order?

Our team of experts is trained to handle difficult situations. Send an email to customerservice@hubhouze.com with your questions, concerns, or issues and our Customer Service Team will work to resolve the issue on your behalf. We are able to work closely with our dedicated representatives to provide a smooth ordering process, coordinate the sometimes inevitable exchange, or refunds.

What is the HUBHOUZE return policy?

The return policy of each product sold on our website or within your final Shopping List are subject to the policies of each manufacturer. If you wish to return an item please contact us. We are currently designing by demand and products are not available to purchase in the HUBHOUZE shop just yet. Please note that any custom or final sale items cannot be cancelled, returned, or refunded.

Can I return, exchange, or get a refund of an item bought from HUBHOUZE directly to the manufacturer?

No. Any returns must be facilitated through our Customer Service Team to ensure a fast and smooth return process, reach out to customerservice@hubhouze.com with your return request and our team will be happy to assist. 

How do I return an item from my shopping list?

If for any reason you have changed your mind, or you no longer need the product, you have 14 days to notify us. The product must be sent back via courier of your choice and at your own expense. The product must arrive in its original packaging and be free from any damage. The delivery costs are non-refundable. If by chance the product arrives damaged and you notify us within 48h from delivery, we will arrange a courier pick up and a replacement item will be sent.