How Much Value Does A Bathroom Remodel Really Add To Your Home?


Renovating a bathroom can feel like an expensive investment, but investment is the key word here. Whether you’re planning to stay at your current home for a long time, or you’re renovating with a view to move in the near future, you will always make your money back with a bathroom remodel. If you’re in for the long haul, the elements you upgrade may be different than if you plan to sell. So, what you envision of your renovation is essential when setting your budget. 

According to Interactive Investor, bathrooms are more or less guaranteed to add value to a property. Experts even predict this could add as much as £25,000 to the value of your property, with the potential to add between 4-5% onto your home’s value. But this can go up or down, depending on how you execute your design and build. Which is where we come in. Contractors can make or break your renovation, which is why we like to provide you with piece of mind from start to finish.  

Your new bathroom should have two primary elements, function and style. Once you know what you want it will help you allocate your budget.

Some bathroom upgrades add more value than others, so they’ll yield a higher return on investment:

  • Double sinks

  • A vanity unit

  • Custom made fixtures

  • Double shower heads

  • Underfloor Heating

  • Spa baths

  • Lighting

  • Space and storage

  • Type of flooring

  • Plumbing changes

  • Structural changes

So when you’re thinking about your bathroom renovation, decide what is most important to you to include. Quality upgrades will always add more value so if you can budget for top quality products it will be worth it. 

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